Master Deposit List

Ranch House Bernedoodles has a master deposit list, as we have litters of puppies we will offer them to the people in the order of the master deposit list.  When we receive your deposit we will put your name on the list.  If it is your turn to choose and there is not a puppy to your liking or the timing is not good for you, you can pass and you will move up the list.  Breeder has the right to keep back up to 2 puppies per litter.  If you are interested in purchasing a bernedoodle puppy please fill out a puppy application and place your deposit.

We will stay in touch with you so you know when we are expecting litters and we will involve you in every step of the process.  Our families will tell you our process is informative, interactive, and fun!  As a result of our process you will get to know all of our pups and you will have a bond with your pup before he or she arrives at your home! 



Deposit List 2019

Please note that deposit lists are subject to changes due to numerous circumstances!



1. Reserved
2. Reserved           
3. Virginia L.
4. Barbara S.
5. Francisco M
6.  Bryan B.
7.  Jordan W.
8.  Taryn D.
9.  Susan W.
10. Jon H.  11. Rebecca A.S. 12. Montana
13. Savannah C. :)
14. Julie K.
15. Zach L.
16. Nancy C.
17. JaNay O.
18. Roya B.
19. Francy A.
20. Kaye S.
21. Leslie H.
22. Kendra S.
23. Lori F.
24. John F.
25. Kristen S.
26. Jeffrey S.
27. Alexandra P.
28. Stacey R.
29. Michael W.
30. Anthony Z
31. Bryan W.
32. Megin W. 33. Jamey B. 34. Cristy L. 35. Jane P. 36. Jamey S. 37. Suzanne G. 38. Brock R. 39. Mary B.

40. Daniel B / Lana G 41. Lisa I. 42. Tina C.


1. Reserved
2. Graham S.
3.  Sarah L.
4. Christina N.
5. Alexandra C.
6. Nettie D.
7. Nettie D.
8. Jasmine N.
9. Brad & Clara
10. Anna T.
11. Hannah B.
12. Dana B.
13. Julianne H. 14. Samantha K. 15. Gina W. 16. Amy M. 17. Ceverly 18. Mark & Michelle 19. John H. 20. Raina C.