Christmas Puppies Available

Make this a holiday to remember! These lovable puppies are ready to go home on December 19th.  
F1B standard bernedoodles •   Adult size 65 - 75 pounds •  Low or non-shedding.
Please submit an application with the name of the puppy you are interested in adopting!

$3500 Plus Delivery Fees


About Ranch House Bernedoodles

Welcome! My name is Paula and my family and I breed bernedoodles on our small ranch in Montrose, Colorado. We absolutely love our pups and love our families, growing new relationships is one of the best parts of this job! If you choose us as your breeder,  we will work hard to meet all your expectations and deliver you the perfect puppy!


Meet Our Dogs

Our dogs are more than just pets–they are family! Each of our breeding dogs have been hand selected for their health and good temperament. Our dogs grow up in a loving, family oriented environment and are socialized from a young age.

All of our mom's and dad's have passed genetic testing specific to their breed.



Female BErnese Mountain Dog

Zena is a beautiful berner with stunning colors, she is full of life and excitement.   Zena’s European lines show in her classic stocky build, we can’t wait to see her pups, they are sure to be special!



Female F1 Standard Bernedoodle

Kahlu is one of our first puppies, she came from Midas and Cru.  Kahlu is as friendly as they get and is well known in our little town!  Kahlu produced the wonderful “Pasta Puppies”, our most unique litter yet!



Female Bernese Mountain Dog

Belle is a wonderful blend of sweetness and mischief!  Belle has an uncanny resemblance to Katarina and we expect her pups will be just as adorable as we’ve seen from Kat!  Belle lives with with a guardian who loves her dearly and is close to home!




Beazus is a big kid with a big heart.  Beazus came to us from Russia, her European lines give her that “old world” look that we love.   Beazus is devoted, playful, and loving; everything we look for in a Berner!



Female F1 Mini Bernedoodle

Mala is also one of our first pups, her parents are Snow White and Ruger.  She had our first litter of micro’s, they were so tiny and Mala was so careful with them.  She is a wonderful, loving mama.



Female Bernese Mountain Dog

Sophie is devoted, intelligent, and affectionate!  Her silliness is surpassed only by her goodness.  Sophie lives in one of our wonderful guardian homes where she lives an amazing outdoor life in beautiful Colorado!




Flynn is the newest member of our family, he is a miniature tricolor poodle who weighs 17 pounds.  He has a wonderful fleece coat with big waves.  Flynn is a combination of goofy puppy and affectionate big baby!  So far, Flynn has sired two stunning traditional tricolor litters with some of the prettiest coats we've seen!



Male MOYaN Poodle

Sully is a gorgeous tricolor poodle who came to use this summer, he's a mischievous little guy full of curiosity and energy!  Sully is a "moyan" poodle which is a small standard poodle.  He should weigh around 45 - 55 pounds when he is fully grown and when bred with a Bernese he will produce small standard bernedoodles!  Sully, like his dad, Rueger, is sure to produce beautiful tri-color pups!


Retired Mamas


BErnese mountain dog

Retired August, 2017  Thank you Kat, you did such a good job!  We love you.

Snow White

BErnese mountain dog

Retired August, 2017  Thank you Snow, you made the world a better place!  We love you. 


Future Mamas & Papas



BErnese mountain dog

Future Mama



f1B Mini Bernedoodle

Future Mama

IMG_7080 (1).jpeg


F1B mini Bernedoodle

Future Papa


In Memory of Cru

My very first litter as a bernedoodle breeder was with Cru. We ran into all kinds of complications with the delivery of Cru’s litter, and never have I seen such courage and fight as I did with Cru and her litter. Tragically I lost Cru, and my heart still hurts for her. Cru will forever be at the heart of Ranch House Bernedoodles.


Meet the Family

Over the years myself and my grown up kids have owned at least 6 doodles and they have all been exceptional.  Now I hope to bless other families with the same quality of loving pets that we have enjoyed. My family lives in Montrose, CO and we are excited to breed bernedoodles. My goals for our puppies are a great temperament, good health, loving and fun personality, and intelligence!